Who killed night life

Several years ago, real celebrities use to go out and hit up the local venues in and around Hollywood, pretty regularly.

That was until TMZ and the random photogs began taking things to another level. TMZ killed the scene so much that even the C-List celebs don't even bother coming out.

If ain't one has even been watching TMZ, then they would be able to see for themselves, that TMZ is now reduced to stalking people at airports. How hard up do you have to be to stalk the kid who played "Webster" in the late eighties? Because that's who people want to see, right? Better yet, why not follow the cast and crew from "The Facts of Life", that should increase ratings and website traffic.

In the end, the tourist win. Now Becky Sue and Tommy Nobody who live in Kansas, see this and want to be on a reality show and put out a sex tape, so that all their friends back home can see that they have really arrived in Hollywood.

Thanks a lot TMZ.

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