Where to go

Countless amounts of you keep emailing me asking, "where do you think the best place is to go on __________ night in Hollywood (insert any day of the week)?

Here are a few places that you may like, or find quite enjoyable.

Monday nights - "The Bar"

The Bronson Bar on the corner of Sunset Blvd & Bronson Ave.

Cool, laid back spot to get a drink and chill on a Monday night. The crowd is usually a working Hollywood crowd; which means the people there are people who work as PAs, grips, keys, set designers, etc. Along with some East Hollywood regulars.

Tuesdays - "MI-6"

MI-6 in West Hollywood on a Tuesday night is pretty solid.

Wednesdays - "The Tea Room"

Small, tight, with a select crowd. This party isn't for everyone, however once you make it inside its a very good time.

Thursdays - "Voyeur"

Hands down - the hottest party on a Thursday night by far. If you are looking to see celebs get wild and crazy, along with a whole lot of ___________ you fill in the blanks if you have been there on Thursdays.

Fridays - "Teddy's"

Without question the best place to go on a Friday night.

Saturdays - ????

Saturdays are completely for tourists, however....Voyeur has everyone talking about Saturday nights again.

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