Bush League

Attention Guys/Men/Boys/Dudes/Dawgs/Whatever

If your game is so weak that you have to slip date rape drugs in girls drinks (when they aren't looking)...then you sir are a straight up loser.

I understand that you are horny.

I understand that you are flowing with testosterone through your ball sack.

I understand that you are tired of watching pornos and you want to stick your meat into the real thing.

I understand that the Craig's List Personals haven't been working out for you and you are tired of meeting tranny's at Starbucks for afternoon coffee dates.

However, you have a mother...and you may even have a sister and a few aunts as well. How would you like for them to have something slipped into their drinks?

Don't be an asshole.

If you get rejected simply move-on to the next girl...trust me, at the end of the night there is ALWAYS someone looking to have sex at some point.

Don't be a rapist.

Because the boys in prison will be sure and teach you a very valuable lesson on the art of raping someone.

This is my one and only PSA on this topic.

Guys just step your game up, don't lower yourselves to that level.

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