Are you a VIP?

You've been promised by the greatest promoters on MySpace and Facebook to be placed on the "VIP List" to their club night.

You RSVP'd via Facebook event invite to their event and were confirmed that you are now on the "VIP List".

You even got a text message and BBM telling you that you are all good at the door, because you are on the "VIP List".

Well, I'm here to tell you......if you are in Hollywood....there is NO VIP LIST!!!!

The term VIP (Very Important Person) does not apply in Hollywood; all the true VIPs don't need to be on any list, because everyone already knows who they are.

If you do buy a table and are popping 5 - 7 bottles every single night you are going out to a night club.....then you sir are a VIP (no need to be on any list because everyone in town will know who you are).

VIP anything are a complete joke.

Have you ever been to a "VIP section" of a club? Its usually the most empty place in the entire venue. A selection so exclusive that, there is seriously almost nobody there.

The "VIP List" is such a joke, that if you even open up your mouth to tell someone at any door that you are on the "VIP List", everyone within ear shot will turn around and laugh at you.

FYI (For Your Information [I have to explain for my followers in other countries]) the only clipboard with names on it at any venue in Hollywood, is the clipboard held by the bottle service girl/hostess.

So if you absolutely want to be guaranteed entry to the hottest venues in Hollywood, then the list you need to be on is the bottle service list. Make you bring your credit card and ID....tourist!

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