Know your History kids

As the Hollywood nightlife scene goes almost completely in the toilet; I thought it would be wise to educate many of you, as well as the up and coming nightlife promoters on a brief history lesson.

Back in the not so distant past....(circa mid 90's early 2000's), there were only a few night life spots (i.e., Shelter, Prey, Joseph's, Bar Fly, Concorde, Spider, Nacional, etc.) and a small group who had a lock on the scene.

Let's review:

Amanda Demme:

The Tropicana Bar & Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel used to be quite the celeb hangout when she ran the door. Her connections to the who's/who of Hollywood were incredible. If you want to talk about having the right people come out and party she made it happen. The problem was that she ran things so tight, and never let anyone inside that she got kicked out of town. She's now out of the scene and is a mother somewhere in the hills of West Hollywood.

Michael Sutton:

Former General Hospital daytime soap actor Michael Sutton, started something that won't be done again for quite sometime. He started a very unique night life experience called "Xenii". Membership was tight, the locations would change every week. Once inside, you were treated to unlimited amounts of food, alcohol, women, men, etc. What fucked this up is when it turn "hood" really fast. When all the rappers and their posse came in, it was completely over.

Brent Bolthouse/Bolthouse Productions:

The Lounge, Concorde, LAX, Area, Hyde, Privilege, Joseph's.

Concorde was one of the best night life experiences ever. At the time this venue was the hottest thing in Hollywood. The line to get in was a block long (I wish I was lying to honestly was that long). Brent and his crew moved that party to LAX on Wednesday nights, incredibly tight door there as well. Joseph's on Monday nights also had a massive line to get inside....and needless to say the place was filled with celebs. Then Sam Nazarian came in, gave him a check and then that was the end of the Brent Bolthouse & Bolthouse Productions era in Hollywood.

Vinny & Chuck:

When Leonardo DiCaprio is your childhood best friend chances are you are going to have some great people showing up to your parties. Vincent Laresca (aka Vinny) grow up with Leo. Vinny and his partner in crime Chuck Pacheco (aka Chucky) were known for hosting the hottest parties for the under 25 year old crowd in Hollywood. Vinny and Chuck were known for their weekly nights at "Prey" and "Shelter" in West Hollywood. Later the two men would move on to be owners/partners in the West Hollywood night spot called: "Villa". Personally, I liked Vinny in the movie "Juice" with Tupac.

Tommy Alastra:

When famed Hollywood night spot "Les Deux" opened their Wednesday night more than 4 years ago, Tommy Alastra and his TAP Inc. company came in a changed things forever. Tommy has been well known for his special events and his high profile clientele that always make appearances at anything that he does. Tommy left the Hollywood nightlife scene after being under contract with SBE. Once his contract ended, he is now back to doing what he does a few weekly parties in and around Hollywood.

The King of Clubs:

These guys are still in the game and have out lasted all of their competitors. Best of luck getting into their special events.(Click on the image to read more about them).

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