When the bottles are gone

...so does your so-called friends and girls, playa.

What I find so incredibly funny and remarkable is when you go out, and you have a table with bottles, then all the girls and random dudes want to come by your table and party.

Once you max out your credit card and the alcohol stops flowing, those same people are gone with the wind and you (the card holder) are stuck there paying for everything and are all a lone.

What we tend to call these people are bottle whores.

And Yes, guys are bottle whores too.

The general rule is, if you (as a guy) are at another guy's table, drinking from his bottles (which he is paying upwards of $350 per bottle, for $16 a bottle alcohol btw) you (as a guy) offer to at least pay for it or pay part of it.

Now the guy who's table it is, may not take your money, but its the proper thing to do.

Girls on the other hand, don't go making drinks for your male friends and walking across the club handing it to them (your male friends)...then leave when the alcohol is gone. Girls will tell the guy(s) at the table that they have to either go to the bathroom, or stepping out for a smoke....yeah right!!!!

Ladies, there is a term that guys use and I'm going to tell it to you now...its called: "Ass, Gas, or Cash...no one rides for free".

Translation: you need to be giving up the ass, chipping in for gas, or giving up some cash....because no one is getting by for free. However, most guys will settle for a hand-job under the table.

So next time you are out at the club and you are at a table, understand the proper rules and etiquette of the nightlife game.

Don't be a bottle whore!!!!

Guys at least offer to pay.

Girls at least stick around for a little while once to the alcohol is gone.

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