If you walk into a nightclub and there are a bunch of big ass girls taking pictures, and they start breaking out the "jailhouse" or "prison break" poses.....

Then you my friend are in the wrong establishment, and need to make an about face ASAP!!!

Don't get me wrong, I like a little bit of danger in my nightlife experience as much as the next guy....however, big dawgs (girls who are a size 14 and up, weighing 225 lbs or more) with bullet-holes and stab wounds, who date guys named: "Sleepy", "Casper", "lil Psycho", or "Shy-Boy", aren't the type of girls you want to be fooling around with after midnight....if you know what I mean.

On the same note, ladies....if you end up taking some random tough guy home from your local club or bar...and the next morning he's in your shower wearing: soap-on-a-rope around his neck, and wearing flip-flops in the shower....chances are he has done a little time in county, or you met him at Kress in Hollywood.

At any rate, I hope this info helps you out in your nightlife journeys.

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