No Bottle Service - No Business

Is the Rock & Roll Sunset Strip dead?

Survey says....Yep!!!

Is it the economy or is it the scene? Well, whatever the case maybe the venues on the "rock & roll" part of the sunset strip are closing fast.

The Key Club is now closed.

Some sources are saying that the "Rainbow Room" and "The Whiskey" are soon to follow.

Most recently "The Knitting Factory" in Hollywood closed its doors as well.

What do these venues have in common? They all cater to rock & roll and live music.

I guess LA/Hollywood isn't the place for rock & roll.

Oh well, I guess that leaves more places for spiky haired douche bags to fist pump and listening to house music at: Kress, Marbella, Cabana Club, Green Door, Vanguard and PlayHouse.

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