Hookers, Escorts and Sushi


One thing that you must know about Hollywood, is that nothing is ever what it appears to be.

In a town filled with sound stages, special effect studios, creative digital editors and plastic surgeons......one thing is absolutely true, nothing is ever what it appears to be.

That hot girl you maybe talking to at PlayHouse fellas, is really an underage high school teenager from Riverside, who probably couldn't spell the word "Google" even if she had a computer in front of her. But what do you care, right? You're just wondering if she spits or swallows.

That guy you met for the first time at an after party in the hills isn't really rich. That house he's living in is leased and he's a few months behind on his rent.

Ladies you think he's your meal ticket, however, a few days after the both of just did a bump in his bathroom...you're driving your Honda Accord down Sunset Blvd...and he's now sitting at the bus stop on his way to his new one bedroom apartment in East Los Angeles, where he can now downgrade from blow to crack.

What's really shocking is that hot guy who likes to hit the gym all the time, and is urberly cool, actually likes 15 year old boys to rub his cock in the local shopping mall parking lot. Again, things aren't ever what they appear to be.

Those new friends you meet at an audition, red carpet event, or a night club aren't really your friends and probably won't have your back, when your back is against the wall.

The only thing real thing I know that is true, is fucking.

There are no lies, no false promises, or bullshit.

Fucking is the only thing that is real. Just two people acting out their animal urges. Once its over, it is what it is....which is simply over.

Hookers, Escorts and Sushi represents all that Hollywood nightlife has to offer. Shiny beautiful things that appear to one thing...but really are something else completely different....which also includes a price tag that you don't see.

Are the girls in the pics for this posting, are they hookers, escorts or average nightlife club girls?

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