When cool spots become cold

This is the transition phase.

What do I mean? What am I referring to you ask?

Well, this is where a pretty cool spot moves from being hot to cold REALLY FAST.

Exhibit A:

Venue: Guys & Dolls

Rating: When it was "Guy's" (not Guys & Dolls) it was a really cool hot spot. Tight door policy, bottle service was not required, and it was pretty exclusive for the most part. Then Michael Sutton came in and bought it; changed the name to Guys & Dolls, and slowly it is turning into a B - C list spot. All because of this transitional move.

Michael Sutton has decided to let Mr BoJesse Christopher take over Friday nights there.


For those of you who do not know about BoJesse Christopher's work...let me give you a current update:

Wednesdays: Les Deux
Thursdays: Opera/Crimson
Friday: Guys & Dolls
Saturdays: Kress (3rd floor)

I believe people that get released from prison personally text him to host their coming home parties at any venue he is currently working.

Again, I always say...do not take my word for it, go to these venues and see for yourself.

When venues go to these options that usually means, it is now on to the next phase (which isn't good news in the long term).

I know that the Friday and Saturday nights at G&D have been hit recently with the higher end Ed Hardy & Affliction peeps, but this latest (BoJesse) move will soon put the venue on the same level as Les Deux sooner, rather then later.

Ask yourself this...do you want to party Friday nights with guys like this:

I rest my case your honor!!!

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