The Afterparty

What makes Hollywood night life somewhat lame, is the fact that all bars, clubs and restaurants stop serving alcohol before 2am.

So, what is there to do once the alcohol stops flowing?

You guessed it, "after party".

Now, usually at the end of any given night life gathering, you will find people texting various addresses to various random houses or apartments in and around Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, Bel Air or even Downtown LA.

What usually happens is, people will bounce around from house to house in order to find the house with the most alcohol, music and people (as well as, the right right guy/girl ratio).

What is there to see and do at an after party you ask, well here is a brief list:
-Drugs (usually blow or "E")
-Drink (bottles of vodka is what you will see primarily)
-Music (either from an iPod or an actual DJ spinning)
-Fucking (hey, most guys will take what they can get, when they can get it)

Let me expand on the "Fucking" example.

Now, most people don't always fuck at after parties. Sometimes a girl may want a bump (i.e, a line of coke) and a guy may have some, yet she doesn't have any sometimes a douche bag guy might ask her for money or to work it off in trade (you follow what I mean?).

More times than not, a guy may just get a girl (or even another guy) just drunk enough to give him a blow job (this is Hollywood...let's not be shocked by penis' in people's mouth after hours folks....we've all walked in on it happening once or twice).

Overall, the after party, may just be the party that youmay actually want to attend.

You've seen the facebook photos ;)

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