Kress or LA County Jail?

Where would you rather party: Kress in Hollywood or LA County Jail?

Tough call, I know.

However, let's weigh the pro's and con's of both.

Los Angeles County Jail:

Houses various criminals, ranging from rapist, murders, drug dealers, child molesters, car jackers, people who write bad checks, don't pay their child support, as well as those who are mentally unstable.


Houses Z-List promoters, douche bags who wear loads of hair gel, Ed Hardy, Affliction, tourists who do bottle service, girls who think shopping at the Slauson swap-meet is couture and high fashion, dudes from the valley who like to make it rain with shacks of $1 bills (usually about $35 in singles), some of the finest cars and people that East LA has to offer, as well as a security staff that used to be in prison (and I don't mean working there...if you know what I mean).

Hmmm.....let's really think about this.

You see, you are bound to see both fighting and rapes happening at both places (which is sad, yet entertaining on some level).

My choice is:

Look at it this way....even with all the fights and jail house least you might get a better chance of seeing Lohan, Paris or any other "Young Hollywood" types in county jail, rather then at Kress.

Plus, you can always read a good book (I'm all about education).

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