Weekday v Weekend Partiers

This is when you know its the weekend...and you don't want to be anywhere near this level of partying.

Ok, so picture this....you've had a long hard work week. Your boss is a jerk, the people that you work with are up in each others personal business, and you are newly single.

So, you wanna go out to have a couple of cocktails and apps with some friends, hear some good music, and perhaps dance a little (what the fuck, you worked hard, why not right?).

You and your friends get all decked out, and you go to Cecconi's in West Hollywood to start the night off with some cocktails and apps. After wards, you just want to see where the night is going to take you.

Valet comes around with your car, and you decide to go to [insert any random venue on Hollywood Blvd in here] because you had heard that Paris or Lohan was there the night before.

You park, walk up to the door. You don't know anyone so you have to wait for a second to see what the situation is like.....

Then all of a sudden, from out of no where you hear some really loud and unruly people. A MEGA huge party spaceship like bus (blasting nothing but The Black Eyed Pea's greatest hits) pulls up with a bunch of people from Sherman Oaks or some college frat acting as if they have never been outside the house in twenty years.

These people are what we like to call..."Weekend Warriors".

You see "weekday" people like to go out once or twice a week from Sunday - Wednesday (maybe Thursday). However, Thursdays are known as college Friday, so its almost like a Friday (just keep that in mind).

"Weekday" partiers know how to drink. They think, "Hey, I have to be at work at 9am, let me enjoy this cocktail and conversation, then head home."

"Weekend" partiers load up on bottom shelf alcohol....usually shit that is on sale at CVS and Costco. Wear outfits that are shiny, tight and short.

And end up with their panties in the corner of some random guy's apartment living room floor; or with some random guy's penis in his ass (guys do strange things when they get drunk together....why do you think its always guys with video cameras as soon as clothes come off?).

The point is...if you see a party bus pull up to a venue you are planning to walk into...that means its time to turn around and walk away....FAST!!!!

You have worked hard all week, do you really want to party with people like this:

Think about it....you've been warned!!!

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