Wednesday night Winner

It's official.

There is a clear cut, hands down, winner for the best place to go out on a Wednesday night in Hollywood.

Now, I've just returned home from this venue so everything is completely fresh in my mind.

I have visited this establishment every Wednesday night for the past three weeks, prior to this evening.

And, I must say that I didn't want to comment on it quite yet, due in large part that it could have been just a good night this one time, or that it was a special event happening, or perhaps it was the weather conditions, etc.

Nope, this is by far the best place to go to in Hollywood on a Wednesday night.

Great people, music was nice, tight door, nice guy/girl ratios, everyone was dressed well, no douchebag door guy holding up a line outside to make the place look and feel packed.

Truly the best part is that, I haven't seen everyone and there mother on Facebook or BBM, or texting about it at all. It has been low-key and a quiet sleeper.

Finally, a place that has done it right.

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