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So, I actually took the time to go through all [178] unopened emails many of you have sent in to me(sorry, I really haven't check them at all).

First, I'd like to thank all of you that wrote hate mail (I personally find those emails the most entertaining), probably because most of them seem like they have been written by third graders (btw, there is a big difference between: their, there, and they're) just an fyi.

However, many of you wrote great compliments about what I've blogged about and found most it funny (thank you again).

Second, let me address a few themes that have seem to overlap in the emails.

I don't hate or have any issues with Middle Eaastern people. I'm just telling funny stories or things that I have personally witnessed and express them on this blog.

Have of the reason why I chose to address the issues of Middle Eastern people and the Hollywood night life scene is that for the most part, there is a large element of truth to what I've been writing.

At all of the Hollywood (so-called A-List) venues whenever they open and someone calls in for bottle service, the owners/GMs/hosts want to know...."What do they look like?"...meaning what's the last name, what's their background, etc.

Personally, I could careless what a person's last name is, but I'm not an owner who has invested $3 - $5 million dollars into a night club and is looking to see returns on his investment asap.

So, what most owners and investors want is to extend the life of their investment.

And, it is a well known fact that once you begin to let everyone who walks up into your venue then, your venue will only be hot for 30 - 40 days and good luck recouping 40 - 50% of your investment back in that time span.

Next thing you know you are discounting bottles, charging a cover, and closed within 6 months of opening.

I've talked to most owners/GMs/hosts and they would prefer that all the blacks, asains, latinos, middle easterners, israelis, etc., come and spend money at their venues in phase two or three of their operation.

I can name you countless examples of places that said, "fuck it, we are going to let everyone in and we don't care who they are or what they look like" and then the next thing you know, they had to discount bottles, charge a cover for everyone, and then close their doors.

Many are still holding on, while others are no longer around.

However, the sad part is that most people simply don't want to go there anymore.

Again, here are a few venues that are either closed or people just don't like partying there anymore:

The Highlands
Les Deux
Vangard (which is now under new management, so there maybe a name change soon).
One Sunset
Green Door

Now, Kress is a prime example. The owner Mike, invested over $24 million dollars into that project over 3 years ago. The monthly mortgage payment for that property is in the neighbor of $140,000 (that's every month folks), that's not including the staff cost, alcohol, lights, food, supplies, etc.

Do you honestly think that that place is making any money once you pay out all the Z-List promoters at that place?

You see most venue owners don't want to be placed in the "Kress" category (especially in this economy). So they try and hold off for as long as they can before they begin counting the clock to operation shutdown.

Now, the second thing that I'd like to address are the owners and people that work certain venues. What I write about is simply non-serious stuff. Please stop taking what I write personal and to heart.

I have gone through and read emails from:
The Dolce Group
Michael Sutton
The upper management at SBE
The One Group

I mean, who knew that this blog would become so popular and reach all of these groups and organizations. I'm just trying to be funny and entertaining. Its called a sense of humor, get one they are fun :-)

I recently posted something about the new Bar Delux and the new owner posted a comment about it moments after I wrote it. Wow!!!

Then the Russian peeps at PlayHouse email me, and say, "why do you have to talk sh*t about PlayHouse?"

I don't have an agenda folks.

I'm not getting paid to say nice things about one place, and bad things about another. I just share my thoughts (good, bad and ugly...either way). Its simply my thoughts.

I am sorry.....but I'm not a fan of PlayHouse, MI-6, Wonderland or Hwood, as well as a few others. But that's just me.

Every time, I write a new blog post I check the Google Analytics the following day and I will have between 2,500 - 7,300 unique visits from all over this country and across the seas, per posting (depending on the topic and if friends tell friends about it).

So, I guess I'm not the only person that finds what I blog about entertaining.

I mean, I wrote a review about a movie a while back and the writer and director contacted me and wanted to set-up a meeting. I'm telling you the complete truth. No bullshit.

Finally, a few of you have emailed me say, "hey, there is this other blog that is copying what you are writing and trying to put their own twist on it."

Thank you, I read it.

It's cute, but this guy has no cred.

He's some wanna be promoter who probably had to stand outside every night he went out and then Kevin & Javier asked him to promote one of their nights now he feels good about himself and now able to talk & text message people about his position in life.

It's nice to read his blog for things that I've already written about, or should I say its nice to re-read my work.

When you promote MI-6 on Wednesdays and Hwood on Saturdays.....really how valuable or viable is anything you have to say.

There you go, free promotion for you and your nights.

Let me know if you would like for me to include your name so that people can drop your name at the door for sub-promoter credit on the tally sheet :)

Lastly, NO...I am NOT selling advertising space on this blog.

That's not why I created this blog. Thank you for asking though.

Side note:

Be on the lookout for the "Bottle Service, Please!!! App" at the Apple Apps Store very soon.

The App will feature posting of things that I've blogged about as well as what are the places to go, and avoid in Hollywood on any given night. Its truly funny and the graphics are great.

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