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When LA invades Sundance. Oh shit!!!

If you lived in Hollywood for a while, you have probably noticed a trend that I like to call "jumping on the bandwagon". It's quite popular in LA.

You know what they say about most LA folks? They are the last ones to arrive somewhere and the first ones to leave.

Since there aren't very many trend setters, you will notice quite a bit of (if I can use the "Twitter" lingo, and by that I am referring to the word) "followers".

Nothing can be more apparent of an example, than every year towards the end of January, then the Sundance Film Festival.

You see, the Sundance Film Festival was started by Robert Redford, after Redford's character The Sundance Kid from the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Sundance is meant to bring indie filmmakers, writers, producers, actors, etc, together to showcase work that hasn't been able to breakthrough the regular "Hollywood" channels.

However, typical Hollywood "bandwagoners" (not sure that's even a word, but fuck it...you get the point) use it as a means to party outside LA.

What's funny is how many people from LA you see at Sundance. It seems like most people from LA are out there at Sundance to ski, hangout, grab some free swag and party. And why not....all the local LA club promoters are the ones throwing the parties.

So, you have most of the folks from LA (who lets face it...don't do much in LA during the day anyway), not doing much at Sundance. They are all sleep in the same houses, hanging out during the day, then partying to the whee hours. Only to hop back on a plane to LA and do the whole thing over again with the same people.

I love when LA peeps use Sundance as a verb, as to what they are going to doing in January.

They'll even post the pics from their Sundance trip on their facebook pages....which don't look much different from their prior night at Wonderland or Hyde the night before.

Oh well....just another episode in Southern Cali.

Now, just wait until April when all the cool kids start talking about Coachella.

Oh what fun!!!!!

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