Underage Girls

When the 16 year olds, hook up with the 40 year olds...you know you're in Hollywood.

With the current economy in the worst state its been in for quite sometime. I've noticed that the Hollywood scene/landscape take a few turns.

There use to be a few so-called "hot spots" with amazingly attractive girls in their early to mid-twenties. Girls who would get together with their girlfriends and hit the town for a night or two and have a great time.

However, since the television networks aren't producing series such as the "OC", "One Tree Hills", "Smallvilles" and "Dawson's Creek" anymore, instead producing more of "The Real World" season 35, "The Hills" season 12, and "The Girls Next Door" sean who cares.

All of this means that there aren't a ton of acting jobs for actors & actresses, in a town filled with actors looking for work. So now the really fun, cool, attractive amazing girls now have to have real jobs to support themselves. With now means that they are bottle service host or working in offices.

Which leads to a "drying up" of the amount of females in the nightlife scene.

The new trend in the Hollywood nightlife scene has been the huge increase in underage girls.

Now, I know what you are thinking...."girls underage in night clubs has been going on forever". Perhaps, but I would argue that the increase now has come from the fact the new wannabe club promoters hit up the "college party bus" angle to fill up buses with loads of buses with young kids who will make their venue/night seem like the place to be. While at the same time know that these same college kids will not leave their establishment, because they have nowhere else to go (because of their ID situation).

This now leads to super young girls being hit on, by guys in their mid-40's looking for the fountain of youth with an 16, 17 or even 18 year old. So by the time a girl is actually of legal age....she and her girlfriends are so over the scene that they are off to other things.

Younger girls are a prime target because they really don't have to work (they are mainly in school, so going out on Thursday nights are key). They are easily impressed with seeing a D-List reality tv star, and they are open to trying new drugs because mommy and daddy are no longer watching their every move.

If you are a guy in your mid-40's,and you're freshly divorced, just getting back in "the game" sorta speak. A fresh, new young girl is what you think you need in order to make yourself feel better. But in reality, you look like a fool. That laughter you hear at the end of the night is just everyone within eye range of you, laughing because you my friend are a looser.

If you could see that the girls you were just talking to were 16 years old, then the cops will soon remind you her parents find out when they check her Facebook page and you with your hand up her skirt.


Be careful folks.

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