After attending both soft opening nights, I'm here to tell you....there is a clear cut winner in the nightlife scene again.

Brent Bolthouse's new lounge "Trousdale" is honestly one of the best places I have been to in Los Angeles, in the past 3 years.

It seems as though Brent Bolthouse is taking things back to the old Concorde & LAX days.

Hands down, best looking crowd (every guy was dressed in a sports coat, slacks and were well groomed; as well as every lady there looked as if they were straight off the pages of European Vogue Magazine).

Now, what was the most surprising thing was the fact that these nights were soft-openings for friends and family; however every table was sold, and the place was packed.

The venue is dark, sexy and the sound system is incredible.

However, the best part about the venue in my opinion, is the back room.

The back room features: a fire place, bear skin rugs, suede couches, a pool table, private bar, and countless million dollar Andy Warhol paintings.

The main room has a huge bar, satin booths, hardwood floors, and carpet.

There were a lot of famous faces there on Saturday night (however, The Weinstein Company did have their Oscar party directly across the street at the same time, at Soho House).

So perhaps that could have been the reason why everyone was so well dressed and there were a lot of celebs in attendance.

And the venue will only be open 3 days a week (Tuesday, Friday and Saturdays).

The grand opening will be tomorrow (Tuesday March 9th).

If the soft opening was packed I can only imagine what Tuesday is going to look like.

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