Douche & Bohos

This is an older, classic post that seems to never get old.

OK, so I am starting to believe that if you are a straight-up "poser", you'll fit right in to the Hollywood night life scene (attention: everyone in Iowa, Arizona, New Jersey and Orange County...this is your cue to come to Hollywood right now, while the water is warm).

Ladies, the "Boho" look has been played out for a while now.

I mean, we all get it. You are a boheiman, you drive a Toyota Prius, you're going green now, you stopped getting your morning latte from Starbucks, you now get it from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, you only use your Black Berry Messenger (BBM) when it is absolutely important, you only make out with girls because its fun on the weekends after you've had a few it; we all understand how hard your life is.

Just do us all a favor and loose the shoe string across your forehead.

I know that it's a real lazy way to do your hair, and that it keeps your brain from falling out.

However, the real reason why you use the shoe string is to keep your hair back while you are giving "bjs" to casting directors during the day, and for keeping your hair back from messing up the lines of blow that you'll be doing in the bathroom at one of the Hollywood Hills after parties at 3am.

Time to switch it up ladies.

Guys, nothing says "I'm a complete douche bag poser" better than the "faux hawk" hair style...complete with the frosted tips. F*ckin classic I tell ya!!!!

If you are going to be punk rock, then do it all the way. Don't just get some lazy a** San Fernando Valley hair cut and frost the tips.

Come on playa. Step your game up. Shave the sides of your head...grow the middle section out...spike it...dye it...and live on the streets and alleys in Hollywood.

Now that's gangsta....Holla!!!!


Don't try and get cute & creative by adding lines and designs. It only makes you look like a fifth grader with a bad hair cut.

I rest my case with the picture below, your honor:

Now that's so...NOT gangsta.


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