Joke of the Day: SBE

Wow, SBE must stand for: Stupid, But, Entertaining.

It seems as though SBE has a new marketing and promotions campaign.

The campaign is called (get ready for this one folks):

SBE wants YOU to name Hollywood's next hotspot.

In other words, they can't think of anything creative, so now its up to you, the public to do it.

However, its actually a real corporate way of them collecting your email address and contact information; in the hopes of you thinking you are going to win a $1,000.

Which is nothing but a tax write-off for them I'm sure.

If I may offer my suggestion for the new venue, I say call it "Pencil".

Because once it begins to fadeout, months after it opens, they can flip it over and erase the whole damn thing and start all over again, and call it something else.

Here are the exact details according to SBE's website:

Located on Cahuenga Blvd in the heart of historic Hollywood, SBE's latest nightclub venue, formerly known as White Lotus, is undergoing a major renovation.

Destined to evoke the feel of a high-end Hampton's beach house, the approximately 13,000 square foot space will be the largest nightlife venue in the SBE Collection.

Aesthetics include a seamless indoor-outdoor experience, wood plank floors (for a board-walk feel), an expansive and meticulously landscaped outdoor environment, oversized wood shutters, a spacious dance floor, and inviting cabanas and pillows creating an unparalleled nightclub experience in the comfort of a beautiful and cozy beach house setting.

Join us in leaving your mark on LA's nightlife scene!

Submit your suggestions for a name for this venue that conveys a high-end Hampton 's nightlife experience infused with Hollywood's uncompromising style.

Win $1000 - and VIP entry to the club's grand opening if your name is chosen!!

What better way to leave your mark in Hollywood!

Thank you for participating!


What would you suggest the name be?

Come on now, don't hold back folks.

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