There's only one

Now it is time to take a few little kiddies back to school.

I might have to pack a lunch for ya with orange wedge slices, peanut butter & jelly w/ the edges cut off, along with some fruit roll-ups, and a carpi sun pouch.

Because many in the Hollywood nightlife scene are (for lack of a better word) RATARDS. Not retards, but as in the movie the Hangover "ratards".

When a new venue opens, it is then (on the very first night that the doors open) that it is their GRAND OPENING!

Now there maybe a small friends & family soft opening so that the venue and test things out. However, there is only one Grand Opening.

Whenever I login to my Facebook account, I receive countless amounts of invites for "The Grand Opening of _____________________ (fill in the blank of any venue).

What's even more incredible is that its always a place that you have been going to for the past few months.

Then when you send them a message saying, "hey, how is this the grand opening even I've been going there every Tuesday night?".

Their reply, "Oh, this is the launch of the new Thursday night."

Whoa.....slow down there cowboy. Why don't you relax for a bit while I break it down for ya.

You see, it is a grand opening whenever a venue first opens its doors.

Now, I'm glad you and the local kids from your glee club finally are able to host a night for all the under aged girls to take photos at, but lets keep things in its proper perspective.

Run along and make this scene better, with less spam, and better people.

This will be my last post, until my next post.

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