The Pre-game/Pre-party

As many of you probably receive (as well as I do), countless amounts of FaceBook event invites from a host of random so-called promoters. The funniest thing that most of them write (which is so high school/college frat boy) is "pre-game/pre-party at my house [not the club] then let's head over to the club in the limo, party bus, skateboard, go-cart, etc." lol.

How high school is that?

Why don't you just say:

"hey, I really don't have any money to spend on you girls at the club, let me get you semi-wasted with cheap CVS alcohol or a beer keg w/ big plastic red cups in my apartment with my 7 male roommates, and I'll look like the man walking up with a huge posse, while I get tallied for the large group so I can pay my rent this month."

Step your game up junior(s) and leave the big red plastic cups at the frat house.

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