Hollywood Nightlife = Racism

It seems as though the group(s) of people who are purchasing "bottle service" now-a-days are Persian/Middle Eastern peeps.

The problem is whenever you call either the venue owner, GM, or a promoter whom you may know to help book a table reservation, the first question they always ask is: "Hey, what do they look like?" What that really means is "What is their nationality".

Well, here is the truth people.

Almost every race under the sun will not have any problems booking a table reservation at most Hollywood clubs/lounges except PERSIANS or any Middle Eastern type group.

For example, if you call a club owner, GM, or promoter (at a brand new "A-List" Hollywood venue) that you have a group that would like to buy 20+ bottles on a Saturday night...they will ask..."what do they look like?"...the moment you say to them that they are Persian/Israeli/Middle Eastern...they will say that they cannot do it, or what they may do is raise the prices/bottle mins for that group.

In addition, if you lie to them and tell them that its a mostly white group...and they ask for a name to book it under and its some crazy middle eastern name...they will soon find out once they get there that their table(s) have been sold to someone else.

I'm sharing this information with you so that you aware, when booking a table at a new Hollywood "A-List" venue for a Middle Eastern group, that it's not going to happen...this generally the reason why!

The real reason is that Persian/Middle Eastern guys tend to act hyper aggressive, cause fights and generally get really "grab happy" when it comes to women (especially blond white girls). Once fights breakout and the young hot white girls leave and/or stop coming out, then your million dollar investment is no longer viewed as an "A-List venue/ Hot Spot" in Hollywood.

Please don't be upset with me...I'm just passing along information that any/every club owner, GM, and promoter in Hollywood knows is the absolute truth.


These are the venues that don't care what race you are, as long as you have a credit card & ID (hence why you will see Persians/Middle Eastern crowds there):

Bar Delux
Cabana Club
Ecco Lounge
Boulevard 3
Les Deux
Any SBE venue

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