The Hollywood nightlife scene used to be...pretty fuckin DOPE!

Brent Bolthouse, his assistant Deb, Jen, Alison, Sasha, Sarah Pantera, and a few others hosted hot spots: Joseph's, Concord, the Lounge, and LAX on Wednesdays. Whereby, the barrier to entry used to be that you had to be: fresh, fly, fabulous or just a friend.

Vinnie and Chuck used to throw amazing weekly parties at: Shelter and Prey; and the line to get inside was insanely long.

Amanda Demme used to have Teddy's and the Tropicana Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel locked down. I mean, she would not let in heads of movie studios, as well as some famous actors/actresses. What can you say...she ran a tight door.

You used to have to really know someone or have off the charts style and swagger, that as soon as you walked up (even if you had a crew of 12 dudes) you were instantly let inside. No questions asked.

This was all before..."BOTTLE SERVICE" hit the scene; and I mean, it hit the scene like crack in the 80's.

Now a days, any Joe Blow with a credit card and an ID, can walk right up & pay $400 per bottle (which only cost the venue $25 each btw) to get inside. So now, you have Mohammad and his 12 buddies getting loud and crazy, making it rain with one dollar bills in the air, partying right next to one of the cast members from the reality show "The Hills".

Every person now with a myspace page, or over 500+ friends on facebook is a promoter in Hollywood..... claiming they have a table, placing you on their VIP list, wearing Ed Hardy/Affliction (or some other jeweled shirt with crosses or skulls) and sending you endless amounts of facebook invites and spammy text messages, so that you can party like a rockstar with myspace and craigslist randoms?

FUCK THAT!!!!!!!!!!

No more shaking people down for bottle service, no more Saudi randoms, no more wack promoters with no cred in the night life game.

Time to bring things back to square one....good people and good music with a tight door policy. The people want it...and the scene needs it.

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