No, not you?

What happened?

You were once the crown jewel of the nightlife scene.

A place with style and grace.

A classic, timeless venue.

A place that was uberly exclusive.

A place that was "the house of cool".

I understand in this current economy things are tight for some, even for most...but I must continue to ask you....what happened?

It use to be almost impossible for people to get enter through the doors.

For most people, you were only a myth.

You were a place talked about by many, but seen by only a select few.

Oh, how I loved your tight door policy.

Oh, how I loved walking through the sea of people at 1 a.m., and simply walked through the velvet ropes without waiting a single second.

Now you had to drop the standards down to the ground.

Now everyone walks right inside.

How did Monday nights destroy you?

For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about....I'm talking about "How Monday nights have devalued one of the Hollywood nightlife classics....Teddy's.

Monday nights at Teddy's are for all the people that can't get inside on Friday nights.

They should honestly re-brand Monday nights as: General Admission Modays @ Teddy's.

They have over 20 random nightlife pseudo promoters on Monday night, that I was at a party on Saturday night and this over-weight kid, sporting a cotton knit blazer mentions to me that he "promotes Monday nights at Teddy's"; to which I say oh really?

So you must know that guy of there in the corner with the hat on, right (the guy I'm pointing out was the director of promotion for all the west coast Thompson Hotel properties)?

His reply was, "Nope. I've never seen him before in my life". Super.

There was no need to continue that conversation any further.

What's sad is that Teddy's holds about 250 people. That's really not that big.

Teddy's still has Friday nights going for them.

Last Friday night there was a lot of fame, as well as hipsters/scenesters who are dead broke.

Friday night, while I was talking to Rev Run's daughters at one table, Kelly Osbourne was at the next table, while the cast from Entourage was at the table across from us, and the model who is currently on the cover "V" magazine with her crew of size 2 friends (why is it that all models smoke and drink cocktails, btw?).

What makes the Friday night so great is that you have trust-fund babies, and starving artist who are sneaking in brown paper bags of whiskey, and Jack Daniels in their jackets. So you have some girls drinking $15 glasses of wine and some writer/poet/actor kid drinking out of a brown paper bag, having a long conversation.

The music ranges from 60's to 80's, from 90's hip-hop to soul and rare grooves.

If Mondays were good, I wouldn't be writing this...however, since Mondays look like I were at Crown Bar, then I just had to say something.

Again, don't take my word for it on this one...go to both nights and see what I'm talking about for yourself.

This will be my last post, until my next post.

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