Facebook Promoters + the LA Nightlife Scene

Which came first, to many nightlife venues or to many random club promoters?

With the steady growth of online social networks, it is amazing to see the endless number of random club promoters.

Does Facebook help or hurt the current nightlife climate?

I don't know about you but there sure is an explosion, as of late with Facebook friend requests and Facebook event invites.

More and more you begin to receive friend request from people whom you don't know requesting to add you because you either live in a certain area or, perhaps they saw you in a friend's group picture and liked what they saw so they wanted to "collect you", in a weird sorta way.

After you add them, you begin to receive endless amounts of mass messages, event invites and fan page requests (great, they must have been reading my mind...how did they know I wanted to go to PlayHouse tonight).

At any rate, it probably wouldn't be so bad if it only happened every once in a while. But everytime you log in to your Facebook account you receive "unbelievable" amounts of messages, wall post and event invites (daily).

If its someone you know, you probably don't think much of it. When its a random name of someone whom you don't know, for some random place you normally don't go to...then its time to change things.

Attn random club promoter: Friending a hundred, or a thousand, or two thousand people on Facebook might be good for your ego but it has zero to do with any useful measure of success.

So please stop with the zillions of event invites!

For those of you that are reading this, who live outside of Los Angeles, its important to note that, Los Angeles is different then most other cities.

The reason why people find it difficult to meet or interact in Los Angeles is that unlike New York or Chicago or Miami, you don't really bump into people. People go from their apartment, to their underground parking garage, to their office elevator, to their cubicle and you're not interacting. L.A. is structured to isolate people.

So that is why (in my opinion) most of these promoters stay online all the time because they are not out meeting people, because that requires hard work (oh, did just say that?).

You can have over 4,000 Facebook friends but if they don't know you, it doesn't mean a damn thing. Except you just wasted a bunch of time adding a bunch of random people.

Which leads me to my next point....if there wasn't so many venues would Joe Blow with 1,000 Facebook friends really need to keep spamming people to come to your wack ass place?

I'm just saying!

So, enough with me ranting and raving.

I'm just losing my mind with all of these countless numbers of FB (Facebook) friend request and event invites from a ton of randoms from all over.

When"Gym, Tan Laundry" starts sending you FB friend request then you know that your time on that site is about to come to a close.

Its almost starting to remind me of MySpace; remember when tons of fake profiles started to invade that site????

I'm just saying.

This will be my last post, until my next post.

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