Nightlife Report Card

Which nightlife spots have made the grade?

Many of you have been emailing me asking, "So where are all the good spots in Hollywood and West Hollywood to go out?".

Well, I have made a list of the various venues on the various nights of the week, which have the proper mix of great music, atmosphere and of course attractive people.


Industry: Last week was the first Monday night they had opened to the public and the turn out was amazing. The crowd was laid back, attractive, the music was good, and the drinks were a little pricey (what can you say, its West Hollywood...and SBE has to cover their overhead). Overall, a solid choice for a Monday night, although it appears to be a later crowd (most people didn't really start showing up until midnight).


Trousdale: When Lady Gaga comes on the opening night and starts dancing on tables, and every DJ in Hollywood from DJ Vice, Marshall Barnes, StoneRok, DJ Homicide, DJ Mr Best, Rick Rude, and many more are all spinning on the same night...each DJ waiting to get their turn to spin....something tells me that its a good thing.

Trousdale is Mr Brent Bolthouse's new nightlife lounge in the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area. Since leaving SBE, Brent is taking things back to what made him what he is...running a tight door and inviting only models and people in the entertainment industry, along with hipsters, scenesters, fashionistas, and power Hollywood talent agents. Its a great time, but it always appears that the backroom is where everyone wants to be and be seen.


Tea Room: This spot has been off most people's radar for quite sometime. A lot of people try Goggling it, using map quest to find it, and running around asking "Where the f*%k is the Tea Room?".

Well, the Tea Room is a small (and I do mean small) little spot with no sign and good energy once you walk in. Its fun, its chill, and the quality of people that are there, are top notch. Not a lot more I can say, except that its been going on since September and the place is only open two nights a week (Monday & Wednesday).

The other clear cut winner on a Wednesday night (which I made a blog post about it before) is "The Saint". Solid choice for a Wednesday night.


Voyeur: If you want to see celebs and hang out with the cool kids, its still a solid time.

***Bardot***: One of the best places to go on a Thursday night is Bardot. Hands down, this place is the best place to go on a Thursday night if you don't want to deal with the bullshit. If you just want to have a few drinks and dance into the late night hours, then Bardot is the spot to be. The vibe and energy reminds me of the L.E.S (the lower east side) aka the East Village in NYC. Really cool, live bands playing soulful music and after midnight....the DJ takes everyone to a higher level. For those who are anti-Hollywood, and are looking to keep it real.....Bardot on Thursday nights. Lock it in!!!


Teddy's: It has been a solid choice for the past 4 years in Hollywood and you will still see some of the best that LA has to offer. Friday nights at Teddy's. If you just want a cigarette, a scotch & water, and some great conversation this is the spot on Fridays.


Trousdale: Friday & Saturday nights at Trousdale, I have to say for some reason, all the guys wear sport coats, and the girls are dressed to the nines. I have been there on Friday nights and it's really good; however Saturday nights are I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E at Trousdale. See for yourself.

Voyeur: Even though I feel that this venue is starting to get a little played out; their Saturday nights have been pretty solid.


Sunday pools are about to start soon. I will fill you in with the details soon.

****Drais @ The W in Hollywood****: - this place is a straight-up dumpster fire. If you have been to XS in Vegas, it's less than that. The rooftop pool is narrow, the space itself is narrow, and it will be the a C list venue in a matter of months (if it isn't already now). So much hype about nothing at all.

Hollywood + Rooftop party + large space that holds over a thousand plus people = The Kress (I mean, Drai's in Hollywood).

This will be my last post, until my next post.

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