First Annual - King of the Douchebags Contest

I have hand selected (qualifications included) the two men that I feel are the biggest douchebags in America right now and they have been paired up for a head to head contest where you get to vote for the person who you feel is the bigger douche.

Next week I will announce the winner (based on your votes of course), and write a little description of how I think the douchebattle went.

Please vote by leaving your choice in the comments section of this blog post. If there are write in candidates please include him/her in the comments section with a reason why he is a bigger douche then the ones mentioned here.

The winning douchebag will have the historic honor of being named “The Biggest Douchebag in America! 2010”

So without further ado:

Micky Flores:

Anyone who has ever visited his Facebook page, Twitter page, IMDB page, Its A Small World page, his blog, and who can forget about his MySpace page (which is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire fucking life).

This guy is the biggest self promoter of himself that I have ever seen.

If there is a social networking page anywhere he makes it a point to create a page for himself and promote it.

Have I mentioned his MySpace page (I swear to Jesus, the pictures of himself posing with celebs is the funniest thing I have ever seen....I have never cried laughing so hard in my fucking life).

Please visit his Facebook & MySpace pages.

Fuck Eddy Murphy, Chris Rock, Dane Cook, Jerry Seinfeld and every comedian you have ever known. If you really want to laugh, (and I mean laugh to the point whereby you may piss your pants, and cry all at the same time) then I beg you to please view his Facebook & MySpace pages.

Wow. I honestly can't stop laughing, it is pure comedy.

Recently Micky posted a Facebook event for no other reason than to ask for your BBM pins (Blackberry Messenger Pins).

Here is the photo he created for the event post:

Cast your vote for: Micky Flores below.


Freddy Figueroa aka Freddy Figs:

The man who brought the Jersey Shore to Hollywood....long before MTV decided to make a television series about it.

The man who single-handedly is keeping the "Ed Hardy" clothing line alive and well in the night life scene.

The man who keeps everyone in the loop with Twitter & Facebook status updates such as:
-"I'm soooo fuckkin iLLLLL !! not sick"

-"Scratch that. I'm GOING INNNNNNN !!!!! pin:xxxxxxxx"

-"@ 24hr Fit doin things. Biggie tribute on the iPod. I got that NY mean mug look. Niggaz @ the gym lookin the other way"

-"What a fuckin night. Came in the Range. Left in the Mazzaretti. Every few DAYS I'll be on that next shit, cause I'm on to the next, I'm on to the next, I'm on to the next ONE!"

Speaking of Range, the man drives around town in a 20 year old Range Roover. I swear to God I think I saw some original kangaroo shit on the tires.

He was under the hood of that Range on Hollywood blvd, trying to get it to start.

I will let the photos speak for themselves:

Cast your vote for: Freddy Figueroa aka Freddy Figs below.

The polls are now open!

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