"Get Involved....Boom"

The art of social climbing.

Here is a story, about a no named guy, from a place you haven't heard of, who wanted to come to Los Angeles, to be socially accepted in Hollywood. Classic!!!

Sometimes, one of the most interesting places to go for entertainment isn't a concert, isn't a nightclub, it isn't even a movie.

Sometimes the most interesting place to go is online, on a little social networking site called Facebook.

On Facebook and Twitter people just love to tell you all of their business, why?

Could it be to make themselves appear to be more interesting than what they really are? Which is to say, that they are not that interesting at all.

For instance, take this guy whom we'll refer to as Sam.

You know, the kind of guy who likes to use the terms: "buddy" and "bud" when referring to pseudo male friends.

Now Sam isn't from Los Angeles (like most people in Los Angeles).

Sam tells a few friends of his back home (again, in a place you have never heard of), that he will quickly move up the social ladder fast in Hollywood, "watch me...in a few months I will be in the inner circle".

So Sam creates his very own Facebook page.

He begins joining all the large Facebook groups; adding various key people to his Facebook "friends" list.

He sees that some of these people are promoters and wants to badly gain social acceptance from them; because in his eyes, they have large social networks and are the key to him quickly becoming popular.

He begins to respond to all of their Facebook status updates.

If they throw a party or an event, he makes sure to message them via their FB invites as to not get left standing outside looking stupid.

He starts collecting names and phone numbers of the people he meets at their parties to begin building his own social network aka "his friends list".

At the same time, while online he begins to start adding all of the friends from the various promoters Facebook friends list.

He begins to believe that the more FB friends he gathers, the more his social status will grow.

After collecting hundreds upon hundreds of Facebook friends weekly; he has studied the art of Facebook status updating...and he loves it.

He loves it so much, that he begins to use it as a key element of gaining popularity (because we all want to be popular, right?). Sending out update status, just for the sake of doing it.

If someone else is posting something that people are talking about.....you better believe that Sam will soon be posting an status update about it (it is by far the most entertaining thing ever to watch).

Now, since his Facebook friends list has began to massively expand, he starts befriending more and more promoters and people in the nightlife industry, drinking from their bottles and becoming what some would call a bottle whore.

After this, the social climber thinks to himself...."this is the life".

He says, "this promoting thing looks pretty easy. I have a bunch of friends now, I have a bunch of so-called friends via Facebook, I think I could become a promoter."

So this social climber, whom we are calling Sam, begins to invite people to pool parties, and keeps everyone on his Facebook page informed of his daily outings to Runyon Canyon and what & where he is going to be eating via his FB status update, complete with snappy catch phrases at the end.

So now he's made it in his eyes, he tells his friends back home that he is now a playa in the Hollywood nightlife game, and that it only took him a couple of months to hoodwink and bamboozle the people in the Hollywood scene.

Reality starts to set in when the pool, and the venues he promotes at aren't so hot once a new place opens up....its at that point when the hot, cute people no longer are coming to your party and they move on to other things that are newer and better.

So what does a social climber do in these situations? That's right, he drops the night that he was promoting and heads over to the other spots where everyone else is partying.

You know what they say, if you can't beat them...follow what everyone else is doing.

Our social climbing friend quickly faded out of the party promoting scene and has now stuck to entertaining FB status updates, whereby he keeps trying to gain a great social acceptance by replying to every single person that replies to his updates.

You see this is exactly what happens when a so-called socialite sees a promoter working hard, and thinks to themselves that they can do it to...its so cool. Mean while, the Hollywood scene gets all fucked-up in the process.

I wish I were making this story up, however this is all so sadly true.

The people who are laughing the hardest are: the guy in this story (Sam) and his friends back home....because they all know that most people are followers, and it doesn't take much to pull the wool over people's eyes.

Hollywood is the land of Bullshit, filled with phony-suck-ass-social-climbing-crackheads-no talents, that just cling to the true artist like those little fish that hang on the sharks for a crumb. So Sam is fitting right in accord to most.

Again, don't take my word for it...go GET INVOLVED and see for yourselves.


There you have it.

This will be my last post, until my next post.

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