Can this please stop?

We all get it, you are a baller.

You just dropped $10,000 on bottles of alcohol which probably cost $50 total at Ralph's or Costco.

Congrats, you have money to burn.

But can the venue owners and managers please not pollute everyone elses lungs by lighting sparklers every time someone spends a few dollars on a bottle?

I mean, its cool if you are partying in Vegas, however for the local guy and girl who just want to go out and have a few drinks and possibly get a little action toward the end of the night.

Coughing and having your eyes water halfway through telling someone your name is really not cool.

Can we please stop this? If this is going to be the norm now, why don't you just start letting people just smoke in the club?

Second hand smoke, is second hand smoke, no matter how much you look at it.

This will be my last post, until my next post.

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