Name Droppers

So, you arrive to the brand new Hollywood hot spot, that everyone has been talking about for a while.

You are a regular person, who works a traditional 9am - 5pm job, Monday through Friday, and you don't know anyone at the door.

After paying $20 for valet parking, you and a friend make your way toward the front, only to be told that its a private party tonight.

Hint: If you ever hear the words "its a private party tonight", or "are you guys on the guest list" at a club....chances are that you will not be going inside just so easily.

If you have heard any of the above, you my friend are a "tourist" and you need to head over to "The HighLands" (Hollywood Blvd & Highland Ave, on the top floor and pay your $20 cover) me everyone gets inside.

However, you want to party with the cool kids and pretty people, so what do you do? That's right, you name drop.

Now there are various levels of name dropping, you can quite simply say that you work for a fashion company, you can say that you are the personal assistant to a famous actor, or you can say that you work for a big movie studio (that tends to work in Hollywood for some reason).

If you wanna get ballsy, whip out your cell phone and Google the name of the owner or GM of the venue (however, be careful)...he or she maybe the person at the door.

Most of us that live in Los Angeles hate "name droppers", but in some cases it works (not in all cases though).

When I check the stats for this blog, many people seem to be reading this blog from all over the United States and Europe...which would mean that when you do happen to come to LA, you will be a tourist; so bottle service maybe your only option :)

Later tourist.

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