Les Deux

Les Deux, one of the longest running Hollywood hot spots is closing its doors at the end of this month.

Everyone (and I do mean everyone) has been to Les Deux at some point within the past three to four years. While most Hollywood venues seem to last for merely six to nine months; Les Deux was able to pull-off the impossible...lasting for over three years.

Les Deux started off as an exclusive "A-List" Hollywood venue, with a few celebrity owners, as well as countless numbers of celebrities who partied like there was no tomorrow. Then, it started to slip just a bit when the cast members from MTV's reality show "The Hills" started shooting their docu-drama at Les Deux. That is truly when all the kids from Ohio, Texas and parts unknown (aka the valley) started to visit the spot heavily on the weekends (as well as every night they were open).

However, the place really began to hit the skids once all the super underage girls were allowed inside. I mean, it was widely known that everyone could get in (with or without an ID).

Once all the underage girls got drunk, three things happened:
1. more douche bags came
2. fights broke out
3. drugs and rape

It has been long rumored that the owners would get underage girls drunk, take them to the back room(s) and supply them with drugs in exchange for sexual favors...then afterward bring them back to their patio couches for more drinking.

Most recently, the venue has been on its last legs. Hiring promoters who no one has ever heard of to keep the place going.

So here's to you Les Deux....thanks for all the memories.


If you wanna really see something (click on the picture for this blog post).

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