Welcome to Hollywood

You came to Hollywood from Kansas because you were a big fish in a small pound.

You were the most talented person in the drama department at your college. You watched a few episodes of the tv series "The O.C" and thought to yourself.."hey, I can do that. This is what I was born to do."

So you save up all your hard earned money that your parents gave you. Spending all your time searching online in the Los Angeles section on Craig's List for an apartment, in either Hollywood or Santa Monica. You find a great deal on airfare, and you are now off to chase your dream of being an actress in Hollywood.

You land in Hollywood and you don't know a soul. The apartment you found is not in Hollywood like it was advertised, its located in Koreatown, near the MS-13 gang-banging headquarters.

You go back online to Craig's List to find auditions and extra movie work. Only to find yourself paying some agency an upfront fee to be an extra (and that's if they can find you extra work).

You begin to enroll in an acting classes, were you meet some cool people (so you think). You are now happy because you were getting home sick and didn't have any friends out here. They begin to tell you were to go, and how to get around in the city.

You have been going out on auditions, but you haven't been landing the parts. You begin to notice that girls who flirt and have low-cut shirts are getting all the attention. So, it hits you..."I think I need bigger breast."

You do it. Your breast are now bigger, but not much has changed.

After countless amounts of auditions that have gotten you no where....you go out on a second call back from a major casting director. He likes your look and style. He takes your information and personally calls you for a private meeting (during off hours) at an office in the valley. You go thinking nothing of it.

Come to find out, its only you and him in his office, at nine o'clock at night. He explains to you that he thinks you are extremely talented, blah, blah, blah. Then he makes a pass at you...you are a little shocked and don't know what to do.

You see all the posters, awards and photos hanging on the walls of his office. He has help turn countless amounts of people into major television and film stars.....and you want to be next.


You want to be famous so bad, this is what you have been dreaming about...no more working tables at some family restaurant, no more begging your friends and family for money.

If you do this you'll be famous!!!!

So you give in and you blow him.

He made you feel as if this would be all you needed to do to make it to the top.

Well, hold on sister. Now after all that, you never got that final call back and he begins to call you late at night to discuss some upcoming projects he's casting soon; of which you'll never be considered for any of the parts.

You now have a jaded image of "the business" and want no part of it.

Welcome to Hollywood. Where either you are fucking or getting fucked!

Think about it.

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