Geez, Really?

It never fails.

Once I write something about a venue someone from the venue has to email me and argue over what I said.

Ok, I get it.

You believe that I have a personal beef, or an issue with you and your establishment.

Well, I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

And to prove it to all you venue owners and managers, I'm going to let the people tell you what they think of your establishment(s).

After all, these are the people who help keep your lights on and help with those high mortgage payments of yours.

So, if you click on each picture of each venue, you will then see what real people have to say about your place of business.

Honesty is so refreshing. LMFAO.....LOL.

Notice the rating(s)

Again, these are not my words.

Here is a newer venue in West Hollywood.

Wow, that had to hurt a little.

So as you can see, I didn't write these things...the people did.

So, when I say that certain places are hot, and others are not, I'm not just making these things up.

For example.

Listen to what people have to say about this hot Friday night spot:

I rest my case

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