That is such an important question.

I truly believe that the more you ask the question "why", you begin to get to the root and/or bottom of any and everything.

Why is it that, if I say something that is perceived to be negative about a venue, I will receive negative comments or statements about my remarks? However, once I show that my comments are valid, based on the fact that reviews by complete strangers echo a similar tone with a much more critical eye; no one says a word?

Then, I began reading over everything that I have blogged about since the beginning. I started from the bottom and read all the up to my most recent post.

What I discovered was that, in the beginning I truly was writing from the heart, I wasn't writing to please or humor anyone....well, perhaps I was. The person whom I was trying to please and humor was myself.

Then, I began to get emails, and more emails, and more. The more I began to see just how many people responded to the things that I had written, then it made me fully aware that people were reading and that people really cared, and wanted to hear what I had to say next.

By this time the tone of my blogs began to change. I began to try to be honest, yet at the same time try and entertain.

I wanted to tell everyone what I've witnessed first hand; from conversations with nightclub owners, GMs, and promoters in Hollywood.

I wanted to let the world know why, some people get into certain places and others simply don't.

Why most Hollywood venues come and go. What really happens at Hollywood after-parties, and what happens after the after-parties (btw, the blog post "Walk of Shame" is a true story).

Why is it, that this blog has become so popular with some and hated by others?

What I was able to figure out is that I simply told the truth and spoke from the heart.

Personally, I don't care for large Hollywood nightclubs, they remind me of Vegas. If you've been to Vegas its fun for a day or so, but not every night.

You see, in Vegas they just line everyone up...and make them pay. You don't feel a sense of belonging or a connection in anyway to anything.

I have always believed that the cool Hollywood scene was a lot less impressed with AVERAGE stuff for AVERAGE people, and the cool kids who are usually in the know, are also a lot less impressed with loud, flashy, big venues.

I had posted something before entitled "Quality vs Quantity". All the super mass texting & BBMing is kinda lame. What many of these so-called promoters do is group all the names (i.e., all of the Kim's & Kimberely's in one group), so when they send out a text the says "Hey Kim, what are you doing tonight?" that just went out to a group of 30 - 40 Kim's. Great, right?

Someone who has been in the Hollywood nightlife scene for quite sometime now, David Schneider who once said, "once venues become to large, quality goes right out the window".

The nightlife scene has really taken nose dives with the birth of Facebook. I mean, everyday you log into Facebook you will receive well over 10 event invites a day.

So what hurts the scene is every person with over 1,000 Facebook friends thinks that they are promoters; pushing and directing random people to random places.

Then you have many of these so-called promoters battling each other to gain more Facebook friends. I mean, do you really need 5,000+ Facebook friends???

Some of the greats in the nightlife game never needed 5,000 people whom they don't know to fill up a venue, to have a great time.

Johnny Zander one of the creators of the original "Green Door" on Ivar, to this day doesn't have a twitter or huge Facebook following, yet he is opening something that people will be talking about for quite sometime very soon.

Green Door had a great little run for over a year with just 5 people running it. Each guy would host their own night, then collectively they would all host things together. People came there because they knew the guys personally, not from some Facebook random friend request.

People want connection and growth and something new.

The status quo is wack. And that is what you get at most places.

Mondays at The Bronson Bar has been going on for over four years, and is a great spot to hang out and meet quality peeps. Why? Quality control is the key.

I wrote something a few days back about a really nice Wednesday night spot in Hollywood, but I know that the worst thing I could do is blast it for all to come and post it on their twitter and Facebook status updates.

Venues open & close quickly because once the general public finds out about something....its pretty much over and done for...and the clock begins ticking.

I believe that's why the owners of the Roger Room did not want any press about their venue. The people who are in the know, already know.

I look back at why I started this blog and again, its was because one of my dear friends had been telling me for the longest time to write about what you see when you go out, because you have a way of capturing the essence of the scene (special thank you to him for those words to keep pushing me to do this).

However, I'm now only writing this blog for the tiny few that want to hear about quality over quantity.

So, no more bashing wack venues just for shits and giggles. These venues are bad because they don't have the consumer in mind when they are designing them, they only have their bottom line (aka $$$) in mind which leads to them being in business for 3 - 9 months.

Bottle service and paying covers are for lame-o's & posers.

Bottle service was a way to protect those who are so-called "cool" and "in the know", while those who aren't have to buy bottles in order to be with the cool kids & scensters.

"You can pay for school, but you can't buy class" - Jay-Z

Again, if you walk up to a spot in Hollywood, and the door person doesn't know you and you don't know them, then you and your friends are not the right kind of people and bottle service is your way in tourists.

So this is my last blog post, until my next blog post (get it).

And why do I have a picture of a lady with her boobs out? I had to grab your attention somehow. Did it work?

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