Fuck you, Pay me

I'm not talking about the pimp you hear about in rap songs, aka "pimpin on wax".

I'm talking about a man that is really making all the dough.

The man I'm referring to is: Adolfo Suaya, aka the man who really does own Hollywood.

You see Adolfo is a man that owns, and because he owns, he makes others rent (from him of course).

Let me give you a brief history lesson:

Adolfo Suaya owns or is part owner of the following places:

The Lodge (now closed)
Memphis (now Jane's House)
Charcoal (now BoHo)
Goa (now closed)
Gaucho Grill food chain (most them are closed)
Bar Deluxe (he still owns it, but the current guys are leasing it)
Osaka (coming soon)
The Surly Goat (a WeHo bar)
La Cantina (now being called "Te'killa Bar")

As well as, owning many other places and collecting the rent from the others.

Honestly, what I love about it is how he is able to make everyone pay him.

The two co-owners of Jane's House are paying Adolfo monthly rent, along with many others in Hollywood.

The same holds true for the Central location, which is now being called Premiere.

Instead of selling the property, he just keeps it and lets some other sucker(s) act as if they are owners and force them to pay him monthly rent. This way, he never looses in the end.

Smart guy.

So there you have it, Adolfo Suaya....a real Hollywood pimp.

This will be my last post, until my next post.

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