Blow me? No Thank you

It seems as if the 80's are back, and I don't mean the music and bad clothing styles.

Why is it that, whenever you go to an after party, or even hit up the bathroom at a Hollywood night club.....out comes the cocaine?

For some people, cocaine makes them feel more in the moment, more alive, more social, etc.

However, the truth is, you are still that socially awkward, misfit from high school and college, who wants to be liked by the popular kids so badly that you'll do just about anything.

The only difference is, you now have an expensive drug habit.

I mean, we all get it. You had a hard childhood, your father liked to touch you in private places, you had to blow some restaurant manager just to get that server position at Denny's, you aren't getting any call backs from your auditions.

So in order to deal with the stress of the Hollywood lifestyle, you like to take a bump or two.

Just keep this in mind.

Drugs are for losers.

You fucking tourist!!!

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