Size Matters

In today's economy, with these large scale venues blooding money; what do some of these owners do? Buy & build even bigger places.


Because that's what the scene needs. More money hungry bottle service clubs, filled with weekend warriors, skanks and douche bags.

Doing things like this, only allows for the terrorist to win.

Thanks a lot Bin Laden!

Here are a list of new venues hitting the Hollywood night life scene within the next few months:

Hemingway's (Hollywood)

From the guys who brought you PlayHouse, comes a venue so large that they will be splitting it up into two different clubs (great, you guys most have been reading my mind. Its so funny, because when I woke up today I thought to myself...."man, I wish there was a club that could be split into two clubs"). Thanks Muse Life Style Group :)

The dance destination known as Ivar will turn into two venues, with half becoming a 1930s Paris-style saloon. Hemingway's Hollywood, coming soon.

Supperclub (Hollywood)

Supperclub at the Vogue Theater, a forthcoming 17,000-square-foot restaurant/nightclub inside a historic building (the long-vacant Vogue Theater at 6675 Hollywood Blvd.), is actually part of an international chain called Supperclub.

Nice, a 17,000 square-foot night club. Nothing says,"hey, lets get to know each other a little bit better than a 17k sq ft, dark space with loud music and over priced drinks. I honestly cannot wait to wait in a super long line and pay my cover charge there. I wonder if I can send it to them now via PayPal?

The renovation of the Vogue Theater into the circus-like Supperclub is almost ready for its close-up. Planning for a March opening, the space will pair dominatrixes with midgets on bicycles. Dominatrixes and midgets (or little people if you wanna get PC) on bikes. I'm almost 100% sure there will be drug dealers there to get your mind in the proper state to deal with that kinda action :)

Drai's (Hollywood)

If you have been to my man, Victor Drai's place in Vegas then get ready for the Hollywood edition. Drai's in Vegas is a straight up drug den with house music playing until 9am. Do you think that could work in Hollywood?

At any rate, along with the opening of the W Hotel Hollywood comes its buzzed-about rooftop club. Big, loud, house music, love fest, that will end around 2am. Welcome to Los Angeles homie. Things here close at 2am (1:45ish.....but who's counting). Most after-hour spots tend to slow down by 3:15am anyway.

The venue formerly known as Vanguard Hollywood

Jordan Buky (All Points owner & managing partner)-- will take over the behemoth dance club Vanguard on Jan. 1, close it in March or April and most likely reopen it by Halloween.

I don't know about you,but I cannot wait for the next super massive, loud club, with a bunch of tables for bottle service, playing KIIS FM's greatest hits/Now That's What I Call Music Volume 23, filled with reality stars, with TMZ out front, along with the weekend warriors and a bunch of guys out front towards the end of the night, either handing me a flyer (that I will let slip out of my hand on to the ground), or staying out front parking lot pimpin, because they have no game and live at home with their mommas and are broke with a net worth of nothing...except for their Wii & X-Box collections :)

Don't you think that these club owners would get the hint that in this current economy, building a bigger club isn't a great investment? That their current big clubs aren't filling up because no one likes them????

Now, there are a few newer smaller type venues hitting the scene as well:

Mignon (Downtown LA)

This place will only hold 40 people. That that for what its worth.


I've already told you about this spot, but here is a refresher course.

Vinny Laresca of Villa fame has plans to transform Central into a dinner and theater type of joint. It should open in May/June.


After MyHouse, David Judaken is turning his former club Mood into MyStudio, a small dance den meant to evoke New York City. Dodd Mitchell (designer of MyHouse, Teddy's and East) is designing the space set to open by March/April.

Surly Goat

This place is open now. It's the old 24k spot. Right next to Voyeur, so more than likely you will be seeing everyone that can't get into Voyeur on Saturday nights hang out there for most of the night. Its a beer & wine bar, specializing in obscure brews.. No door guys, just someone checking IDs.

So there you have it.

This will be my last post, until my next post!

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