Death of a Dynasty

"Is Bottle Service the reason why, the nightlife scene sucks balls?"

The scene is the same thing that happens every weekend in Hollywood & West Hollywood.

Sometimes it resembles a better-dressed version of Mardi Gras.

Girls with flat-ironed flaxen hair, wearing glittery tops and tight jeans, totter on their high heels from one velvet rope to another. The clubs all have exotic names like, Ecco, Wonderland, Haute, PlayHouse, Janes House, Marbella, Empire, MI-6 and offer the promise of opulence and intrigue once inside.

The reality is far less interesting.

Inside, the clone-like crowds come to party the only way they know how—the way they learned from watching hip-hop videos. They stand on the little booths and shake and shimmy, hoisting bottles of vodka—priced 1,000 percent over what you'd pay in a store—over their heads. As some Jay-Z song plays over the speakers, for a minute, they are Bling. They feel fabulous. And then they order another $300 round.

Bottle service gained popularity in the early '90s as a complimentary service offered to VIPs and moneyed clientele.

Bottle service today, though, entails a customer buying a normal bottle of liquor vodka or champagne, usually—for $150 to $500 (if not more), served with a mélange of mixers and a booth to sit in for the duration of the night.

As club owners quickly figured out, everyone wanted to be a VIP, or at least feel like one. Bottle service was an easy and very financially sound means of achieving mutual happiness for both the club and the clientele.

Now a days, if you go from one bottle service club to another, you will notice how hard it is to distinguish one from another just based on the music.

There is almost no new music introduced at these clubs that you couldn't already hear on the radio. Crowds just want the hits (que in the Black Eyed Peas now).

Bottle service clubs are like the Wal-Marts of the music world.

Here is the formula that club owners would like for you to follow: You go, you get a table, you get a bottle, and that's it? People-watch? And for $500 a bottle?

People who know what a good night out is, who aren't going to be hoodwinked by, like, 'Oh, I got into __________ (fill in the blank with a random club name here), I must be cool!

Slowly, there is a new movement happening soon. Why?

Because the people want it, and the scene needs it!

This will be my last post, until my next post.

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