I have been receiving a ton of emails in regards to why can't things be fair?

Why can't everyone get in to ______________ (fill in the blank with any venue you can't get into).

"But me and my friends have money and we can buy bottles everywhere, and spend money at the bar.... I just don't understand why do these places have issues with letting us in."

Ok, let me break it down for you:

Does Harvard just let everybody in who wants to attend?

I mean, I'm sure a large percentage of the people who would like to get in, certainly have the money and the qualifications needed to get in, but they don't get accepted.

Harvard only accepts less than 9% of the people who apply. Is that fair?

In regards to the Hollywood nightlife scene and why is it that some venues don't let everyone in, its due in large part to being exclusive. To some degree its about catering to a certain clientele; and you my friend may not be it.

Being exclusive matters.

Being exclusive can equal longer lasting staying power.

Catering to the masses in today's market means closing down within a few months.

Personally, I write this blog, not to the masses, but to the elite.

The people to whom I'm talking to, the people who read what I have to say, are the tastemakers, are the trendsetters, are the social elite.

If you don't believe me...... then why is it that whenever I write something about a venue in Hollywood, within 24 hours I get an email from the venue owner(s)/partner(s) or their PR firm asking me why am I saying what I am saying about their establishment?

Again, what I am writing now and what I've been writing about since the beginning is the truth, and it is what a small select few have been saying and talking about for a while now. I was simply encouraged to step-up and speak on it.

The masses read this and ask why, and question, and get angry, and upset. While those in the know simply nod their heads in agreement and tell their friends about it.

Again, for those of you who are casual readers of what it is that I am saying....its ok to get upset, its ok to get angry, its ok to not fully understand why things are the way they are...certain things aren't for everybody.

Being exclusive is the only way to keep things going. Its the only way to control quality.

This will be my last post, until my next post.

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