Whatever happened to

Do you recall when this 99 person capacity venue used to be the hot little "it" spot?

I mean how hard is it to maintain a tight door policy with a venue that size? You can be super selective and have unbelievable door standards.

However this place has completely fallen off a cliff.


Tuesday nights (Yuck)

Thursday nights (B*itch Please)

Friday nights (you can count the attractive people there on two fingers...and those are the people who work there).

Saturday nights (this night has been taken over by "Red Carpet Events" partners Kevin & Javier. Holy shit!!! You will see both Crips & Bloods in there shooting dice and drinking 40's of Old English Malt Liquor).

So R.I.P Coco De Ville....you will be missed. You have now joined the ranks of Social, Green Door and Vice.

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