Come on now

There are certain things that make me just say, "seriously, come on now."

For instance, what the fuck (WTF) is up with girls on Facebook posting pictures of their feet when they are out at the clubs (seriously, come on now)?

Ladies, if you decide to take pictures of your feet, I understand that you want to show off your payless kicks, however at least get a pedicure if you must take pictures of your shoes with the peep-toe.

Then you have, "sunglasses at night in the club guy" (seriously, come on now). Listen club guy, you are not that cool and/or special. It is not that bright in the club whereby you need to be wearing sunglasses 12:25 in the morning.

FYI club guy, feel free to mix in a stick of gum and some conversation game...then maybe, just maybe, you would not need to hide behind sunglasses in order to seem cool enough to talk to girls.

Finally, we have the people who text message & BBM non-stop, no matter what. These are usually the people who don't give a fuck what the hell is going on around them, as soon as that phone starts vibrating, they have to drop everything they are doing (seriously, come on now).

Hint: unless you are on-call at a hospital (that message really isn't that important) Let it slide, hold off for a minute or two; trust me, that message ain't going anywhere.

Now that's one to grow on.

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