This is the current state of the scene.

Is anyone out there in the Hollywood nightlife scene doing thought provoking nights?

Is there anyone out there willing to shake things up a bit?

Who is out there taking risks?

Sadly, no one really is, therefore things are kinda BLAH.

So there is a new venue called___________________. What does it matter, in a few days random promoters will feel like they are special and host a night, whereby you will be receiving endless texts, BBMs and Facebook spam until you no longer want to hear the name_______________ again. (I'll let you fill in the blanks).

I cannot tell a lie, the new Drai's in Hollywood is a shit-show, aka a straight-up dumpster fire.

So if you speak Farsi, Armenian, Korean, Ebonics or Spanish.....don't worry, there are others there that do, so you will be in great company.

The point I'm trying to make here is that there are seriously very few places that cater to unique, trendsetters and taste-makers.

There are a limited few who are shaking things up, whereby if they invite you to something you already know, without a doubt that this is where you'll be spending your entire night at this spot.

Many venue owners and so-called promoters read this blog regularly, so I'm hoping the thoughts that I am expressing slowly start sinking into their thick skulls create a new energy and vision, rather than the current one that seems to be running wild in LA.

I just read a super long email from someone who wrote me, inquiring about places for "the elite in Hollywood"; well this blog post is my response.

This will be my last post until my next post.

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