Bigger & Bigger

They just don't understand.

Bigger is not always better.

New venues in Hollywood just keep popping up. That isn't a bad thing (by the way).

The problem is that these new venues, just keep getting bigger and bigger.

For instance, Rolling Stone Magazine is currently building a brand new venue at the Highland & Hollywood complex.

The new Rolling Stone venue will be (get ready for this one) 10,000 sq st, multi level night club and restaurant.

The Rolling Stone venue in Hollywood will operate on two tiers, On the top level, which opens into the mall, will be a restaurant and bar intended to appeal to the estimated 15 million tourists a year who come to the Hollywood intersection near Grauman's Chinese Theatre. The owners also hope to pull in local residents who may come to watch sports or have a drink.

At street level, on Highland Avenue, will be a more up-market lounge "which will be harder to get into," the owners said. Like other late-night Hollywood lounges, it will include "bottle service," where patrons buy their spirits such as vodka by the bottle -- starting at $1,500 a table.

Downtown, the new Ritz-Carlton Hotel is getting into the act as well.

The Ritz-Carlton is opening a 5500 sq ft club/lounge on the 23rd floor. Which will include bottle service in the nightclub/lounge, and a rooftop pool and terrace.

Wait! Doesn't Drai's in Hollywood at the W Hotel have a rooftop pool and terrace selling bottle service as well????

Oh, I just wasn't sure if the Ritz-Carlton would be the only people doing it...(because it's such an original idea).

Oh well, this places will be hosting big grand openings, as well as a huge grand closings in record time. Next up for them will be for Z-List promoters to come in and begin posting..."grand opening of __________ (fill in which ever day of the week you want here)." Only to be closed within a two month time span.

This will be my last post until my next post.

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